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The Thrill of the Chill


When Is It?

Dates to be announced!  


What Is It?

We are delivering a three-night experience, which fully embraces

the wilder joys that the cold months have to offer. 


The thrill on this escape, is very much in the chill! And you can really experience mother nature in her full glory! We have introduced an invigorating new cold water swimming element to the weekend. When it comes to immersing yourself in wild water, nothing beats joining a like-minded group under the care of an open water and wellbeing coach. 


You’ll learn about the benefits of swimming outdoors and how to do it safely, from planning your swims, reading different bodies of water and warming up afterwards. You’ll then dip in two different spots in South Devon, enjoying the company of your group and experiencing the full thrill of the chill for yourself.

You and your companions for the weekend will enjoy stunning views out along Devon’s South-West Coast Path, on up to three runs (or walks if running is not your thing). Donna, our talented yoga instructor will guide you through three restorative yoga sessions, taking place in the spacious, heated studio with wide reaching views over the River Dart. These sessions are suitable for yogis and non-yogis alike.


You will undertake all of this whilst being fuelled by the most delicious, organic vegan cuisine, prepared lovingly from scratch by our wonderful in-house chefs. The food is always a massive talking point and an enormous highlight of the weekend.


Your home for the weekend will be a charming, converted barn which consists of 10 bedrooms each with their own private bathroom, oh and two outdoor hot tubs overlooking stunning Devon scenery, enough said! 


To find out more or to book a place on ‘The Thrill of the Chill’ click here to visit our home page.


About your Open Water Swim Coach:

Growing up swimming in rivers and seas in the UK, Rowan Clarke is a lifelong outdoor swimmer. In 2015, she swam her first open water swimming event and then started swimming through the winter. In 2018, she qualified as an open water swimming coach and in 2020 as a health and wellbeing coach. 


Rowan talks openly about using cold water swimming to manage her own anxiety and body image issues. Swimming for better mental health and wellbeing underpins everything she does, and she’s passionate about helping people discover the benefits of being outdoors and active regardless of age, background or physical ability. 


This includes everything from making front crawl smoother and easier for a more relaxed, meditative swim or training for a swim challenge, to supporting mental health treatment with cold water therapy, helping people recover from physical injury, adapting swimming style to a physical disability or helping people stay active with chronic illness. 


Rowan is warm, calm and welcoming. She recognises that everyone is different, and she works with the people she coaches to find what motivates them and adapts to their different learning styles and needs. Bringing years of experience as a swimming teacher, open water swimming coach, and year-round outdoor swimmer, she is skilled at making people feel safe, relaxed and happy as they explore swimming outdoors.

Want to Know More about Cold Water Swimming?


Cold water swimming is a hot topic right now, but people have been immersing themselves in icy waters for a long time. Why? Because of the long list of benefits for your mental health, wellbeing, immunity and physical health. It feels incredible. From the ice floes in Russia to Finnish sauna culture, humans have long known that plunging into cold water makes you feel good. More recently, the art of the cold water dipping has reached the mainstream. And with that increase in uptake, comes more research into why it’s so good for us. 


What are the benefits?


You’ll work with your fight-or-flight response to helps your body get better at dealing with stress. You’ll take yourself out of your comfort zone, enjoy being in nature and bond with fellow swimmers. You’ll support your immune system, reduce inflammation and give your self-esteem a massive boost. 

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