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Terms & Conditions

What we will provide

We will provide guided runs and swims of a length agreed in advance by the individual or group. We will make sure you are guided by an experienced runner/swimmer/mountain leader with considerable navigation experience and local knowledge. All guides will carry the basic safety equipment advised by the Fell Runners Association and Long Distance Walkers Association (full body waterproofs, map, compass, whistle, spare thermal top, extra water food/gels) and swim guides/kayak safety team will be equipped with recommended safety equipment.


What you need

You need to remember your running shoes and wetsuit, as these are the most difficult things to borrow! We can recommend reasonably grippy trail shoes to assist you on muddy slippy descents – road shoes however may also be appropriate. A small running backpack or bum bag is useful to carry your favourite snacks/drinks if we are running long distances. A change of clothes (useful to have your own towel and some spare clothes to pull on if we go into a café or pub at the end of a long run). A wetsuit and liner for extra warmth and comfort, as well as swim gloves and cap. Anything else you wish to bring, such as a tow buoy, be our guest!

Confirmation of Booking and Payment

Once you have decided to book, you can get in touch with us by email or mobile phone to ask us any questions you may have. We will also ask you to give us an idea of your level and experience. You can book by bank transfer.

Deposit and Cancellation 

We will ask for a 25 per cent non refundable deposit to secure your place, with the remainder due six weeks prior to the camp. This is also non refundable. However see our *Covid Peace of Mind Policy. We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance prior to coming on the camp.It is your responsibility to take out insurance to protect your deposit and balance. If we are forced to cancel your booking due to unavoidable occurrences: We do not accept liability for the consequences of strikes, riots, acts of war or terrorism, disease outbreaks. If such occurrences cause us to have to cancel an activity, we will endeavour to offer an alternative, but accept no liability for return of fees paid prior to cancellation or curtailment.


Outdoor activities can be hazardous and it is important that all participants understand that there are risks involved in off road running and open water swimming. Routes can be slippy, muddy, icy and almost always uneven, while water can be choppy, prone to currents and tidal elements. Trips and falls are common even for experienced runners and minor injuries are not unusual. It is particularly easy to fall if you are not wearing footwear with sufficient grip. We expect all participants to take the advice of the guides at all times. It is also essential that participants are sure that they are fit enough to run or swim the distance that they have agreed to run/swim. Participants should take medical advice if they are in any doubt about their health status. Wild Coast Escapes is an activity travel company specialising in off-road running, open water swimming and yoga. 

Participation Statement

Your acknowledgement of risk: Wild Coast Escapes provides an off road running, open water and yoga experience.There are always risks in these places. These may be from rough terrain, weather, water, equipment, other people, or wildlife.  Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions.


Wild Coast Escapes carries full public liability insurance. If you already have insurance, please check it covers you for the activities you will be undertaking with us.

Health, Fitness and Medical

You must have a level of fitness appropriate to the activity for which you are booking. You must inform us at the time of booking, or as soon as the case arises of any medical or non-medical conditions that might affect you or any other participant’s safety and enjoyment. All medical details will be treated in confidence.


All running/swimming takes place in a rural environment where the effect of the weather can be particularly severe, even during the summer. The weather can limit what we are able to do, and client safety is our first consideration. There may be occasions where we are unable to complete a planned route due to the prevailing weather. In these circumstances we will offer an alternative route. However, running/swimming will be offered whatever the weather and if the forecast is bad, please bring appropriate clothing and footwear.

Your Running/swimming/yoga Experience

Please feel free to contact us at any stage of the booking process, so that we can ensure your escape will be enjoyable and safe. We may ask you some questions about your fitness and experience to gauge your suitability for these escapes. 

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