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Our Story

We all remember our family holidays by the sea, because there is something elemental and vivid about the experience. But for adults, this kind of immediacy can easily fog over. If so, Wild Coast Escapes will definitely reengage you. In fact we guarantee it! Wild Coast Escapes is our response to what we think many people would want to do with their weekends but don’t necessarily know it yet, partly because no one else is offering it.


Ceri and Ronnie met on one of Ceri’s Wild Running trail running and yoga retreats in Devon and soon discovered that they were on the same script. Ceri’s Wild Running and yoga/running camps have been winning rave reviews around the UK, so Wild Coast Escapes is the natural progression.


They asked themselves what they would want to do with their weekends, family permitting of course! The result is not rocket science but nor does it come from a spreadsheet or a business plan. We’d say it’s our soul plan for engaging with our magnificent coastline. And where better to start than the county they have taken very close to their hearts; Devon.

The Challenges are made to fit the person and they’ve also handpicked guides and speakers, who they believe are among the best in the business and who they know will inspire you and leave you with something to chew over. 


Ceri says: “If there is one lesson to take away from the pandemic and lockdown, it’s that it has reminded us to treasure our time, each other and our environment. Having time to reflect has been a blessing and we want to bring this element into our camps. We have called them escapes, because if you live in a city or town, it may be that you can find your haven, just by way of contrast. But actually they are far more. A chance to engage properly with our surroundings, eat great food, which is locally sourced, listen to local experts in their field and cherish each other’s company in a relaxed, learning environment.”


Ronnie says: “It was a real lightbulb moment when Ceri and I started the initial conversations around creating what is now ‘Wild Coast Escapes’. We both share a true passion for being active outside and relish the many benefits mentally and physically first hand. With Ceri’s running and guiding background and my event management experience we knew we could deliver something really special, and I’d like to say we have well and truly nailed it!”


Trail Run

You will complete a minimum two 10k runs on rugged coast paths, whilst drinking in the sea air and being rewarded by jaw dropping coastal views. From punchy hill climbs to leisurely flats - routes and distances will vary depending on ability, but the vistas will remain a constant treat for your eyes and soul.

You will undertake at least two guided runs during your escape, these are sample itineraries. 


Approximately 10k leg loosener around the historic Dartington Estate along the banks of the River Dart.

Coastal run following the South West Coast Path from Gara Rock to Tor Cross. This is a stunning route, which involves rugged coastline cliffs, single trails, hidden bays, fishermen’s shacks and oh alright then, Kate Bush’s House (lucky lass). Choose to run all the way: 13 miles to Tor Cross or to Start Point (10 miles) and we will pick you up at the end

 The weekend includes an open water swim, overseen by our expert swim safety team, allowing you to challenge yourself safely in open waters. If conditions allow we will aim to get all swimmers to complete the 1.5km around iconic Burgh Island. If conditions don’t then we will choose an alternative open water or river swim.


In addition you will receive an analysis of your swim technique during a dedicated swim coaching session in the River Dart. This is an invaluable session where you will receive key pointers to improve your swim technique no matter what level you are.

This is a sample itinerary of the swim.


A one mile swim around Burgh Island, one of the most spectacular Round Island swims in the UK, where Agatha Christie left her legacy. This is an inviting challenge for anyone who likes to engage with a distinct landmark to look up on as you swim past it. 


Your swimming doesn’t need to be fast or pretty: You just need to be confident in water. We will do the rest. If you haven’t undertaken a challenge like this before, we will get you through it. Remember you will have our bespoke safety team on kayaks with you the whole way. The swims are suitable for anyone who can swim 1500m in the pool and be reasonably confident swimming in different sea conditions while Open Water Swimming. 

Please do get in touch if you are at all unsure of your abilities.




Daily yoga sessions with views of stunning, lush, rolling, green hills, taking place outside if the weather permits. Sessions will be suitable for yogis and non-yogis alike. 

Donna from Simply Soulful yoga (Yoga with Goats fame) will take you outdoors for your daily yoga sessions on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, with views of stunning, lush, rolling, green hills and the Dart below. 

We may have found the most perfect spot on the lawn overlooking the Dart to do our outdoor yoga sessions. But if the weather doesn’t permit, we also have a large, bright space with wooden floors and great views. 

Donna is an expert at helping your mind and body switch off in a good way!

Her sessions will help you to relax, re-energise and sleep better.

Her classes include Hatha Yoga, Flow Yoga, Glow in the Dark Yoga, Yin Yoga; and seasonal events including: Goat Yoga, SUP Yoga, Beach Yoga, Cream Tea Yoga, Brunch Yoga and Goat Yoga (don’t ask!)



Want to improve your run or swim technique? Discuss training plans? Or find out how to avoid injury. Our team of experts are as passionate as they are informed about their sports - tap into their knowledge during our informal after dinner ‘ask the expert’ sessions.

Our speakers are all experts in their field, from nutrition, swimming, running and movement. They are available for Q&A after each talk and will be on hand to answer your questions.



Your home is a rustic, detached barn which has magnificent views down to the River Dart. In a beautiful, peaceful valley this is the perfect base for a weekend of off the grid activity. Comprising of 10 bedrooms each with its own private bathroom.  The outdoor hot tubs will be especially welcomed to ease aching muscles and provide the perfect spot to soak up this idyllic setting.

The Shippon is a rustic Devon detached rural dwelling, with bags of character and charm, perched on the edge of the Dart.


It comprises 10 bedrooms (doubles, twins and singles) each with its own private bathroom and plenty of indoor and outdoor communal space to relax.


The open plan kitchen and dining area provides plenty of space and well ventilated eating space which opens out to the front garden.

The outdoor hot tubs will be especially welcome to both ease aching muscles and provide the perfect spot to soak up this idyllic setting. 

You will have ample opportunities to get to know your companions over the three nights, whether sat around the large kitchen table sharing a meal, relaxing in the spacious sitting room or enjoying the sunshine out on the terrace. 

You will be fuelled with a succession of delicious, organic, locally sourced meals and snacks throughout the weekend. Some will be enjoyed around the table with your fellow guests and others up a remote hill overlooking some absolutely gobsmacking views.

Our caterers have won rave reviews for their locally sourced event catering.

We guarantee you will be asking for the recipe!

All meals provided for the weekend will be vegetarian and we can cater for any dietary requirements that you may have.

Please just make us aware of your dietary needs at least 1 week prior to your escape. 

Meals provided;

Friday night; Dinner

Saturday; Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Sunday; Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Monday; Breakfast



Trail run

We love communicating with people the old fashion way

So grab a coffee and give us a ring or drop us an email

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